InnovateELT 2019
17-18th May, Barcelona
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InnovateELT 2019

17-18th May, Barcelona

Back to the Future

InnovateELT is five years old. To celebrate our half-decade, we want to invite our wonderful community of ELT professionals to stop the clock and take stock of where ELT is going.

At IELT19 we will look back at the past 5 years of our industry and reflect on what we’ve learnt as a profession. What myths have been debunked? What are the key developments that have impacted how we work? How are we wiser?

We will then look ahead at what’s in store for us over the next 5 years. What breakthroughs in other industries are likely to impact ELT? How is learning and teaching going to change? What skills do we need to develop in order to thrive? What can we as a community do to actively create the future we want?

At iELT19, we want you to actively engage with the future of our industry. Whether you’re a teacher, learner, publisher or other, you will leave buzzing with ideas for how you can shape the future of ELT.

The Countdown

Friday 17th May (DAYTIME)

Friday Workshops

9:30 – 14:00

Masterclasses & workshops

Various sessions to choose from

Small groups

Make the most of your #iELT19 weekend!

This event requires separate tickets. More info here

Friday 17th May (EVENING)

Conference Day 1

17:00 – 20:30

Remarkable plenaries of past iELT editions

Hands On Drop in Sessions 

Networking Aperitivo 

#iELT19 Standard tickets include Day 1 & Day 2. There are no single day tickets available. 

Saturday 18th May

Conference Day 2

9:30 – 20:30

A range of various sessions during the day, including high-quality keynotes, 6 sessions with at least 6 options to choose from, plus a closing party at the end! 

Check out the full schedule here.

#iELT19 Standard tickets include Day 1 & Day 2. There are no single day tickets available. 

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Experience InnovateELT

Watch the video of InnovateELT 2017 to feel the energy you can experience at the event.

Hear last year’s reflexions on the role of fun and struggle in learning, the theme of iELT18.


Lydia Machova
Language mentor, interpreter

“The conference is set in a beautiful garden, which gives it a whole different atmosphere. One of the most pleasant conferences I’ve been to!”

Daniel Barber
Teacher, trainer and writer

“Watching two learners talking to 200 hundred teachers about English learning. That was exciting!”

Ollie Wood
Teacher and teacher trainer

“The InnovateELT conference is easily one of the best I’ve attended in my career of almost 15 years.”

Anna Neil
Teacher & Teacher Trainer

“Innovate is extremely unique. It’s inclusive, diverse, daring. It makes you feel like you’re part of a family and inspires you to go home and be better at your job.”

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